How did the chasing behavior help you to grow and become strong as a Twin Flame?

I was ashamed of my chasing behaviors when I was new to the Twin Flame journey but I could not control myself. I was very compelled to check in on my Twin Flame because I missed him so much.

Twin Flame Chaser Pain: How do you Surrender and free your Soul from pain?

I realized later after I surrendered that all my previous chasing actions were triggering me into healing parts of myself. I realized that I had so much pain buried within me that was cleaned out every time I was compelled to chase my Twin Flame.

I stopped feeling ashamed of being a chaser and instead, I wrote a letter to my Twin Flame in detail about some of the reasons why I chased him and how it brought healing to me.

When a Twin Flame runs, do they stop loving you?

Once I told him the truth of my soul, I felt happy and free. I felt like I had released myself from the guilt and shame of being a chaser.

The Path To A Harmonious Union

I told my Twin Flame that meeting him triggered all my insecurities. I had so much unexplainable fear about our encounter that I was overwhelmed by every emotion that I was feeling.

Soul Healing & Recovery Tips: This is how you can overcome the pain of missing your Twin Flame so that you can recover and heal from Separation shock.

I went through so much change in my life that was accelerated by the Twin Flame encounter. I changed my friends and social circles, my job, my living situation and I ended up being single.


Every time change was triggered into my life, I was very inspired by the love I feel for my Twin Flame to embrace growth. The change was very difficult at first but the more I opened my heart to it, the better I felt.

My Twin Soul Journal: Twin Flame Journey Guides

Longing for my Twin Flame inspired me to feel strong within myself to feel secure and happy without my Twin Flame. The more I learned to accept his absence, the more I was inspired to find inner happiness and harmony without needing my Twin Flame or anyone.

Twin Flame Questions

I went through phases of shedding emotional pain and energetic cleansing. I was empowered by unconditional love to embrace the wounded parts of my inner child. I faced inner pain and learned to love myself from the core.

The Twin Flame journey has inspired me to find my center; finding my authentic self brought a new perspective to how I view myself and the world. Finding my center was like finding a compass to my life which inspired me to find a meaningful life with a purpose.

As the Twin Flame Chaser, how do you Surrender and focus on yourself as you hope to reunite with your Twin Flame someday?

I now understand the meaning of happiness.

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Stay Blessed!

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