How has the telepathic communication between you and your Twin Flame improved since you separated?

It has been 3 years for us and I am very thankful for my growth and the success of my journey because I finally found peace and inner harmony. I miss my Twin Flame every day but I managed to find ways to deal with the stress of missing him.

Are you asking any of these questions about the Runner Twin Flame?

I know for sure that I will be reuniting with him forever and I am very patient because I know that we are each other’s home.

Lately, I feel my Twin Flame very distinctively in energy. Sometimes he attacks me with feelings of euphoria or intense bliss. This is when I know that he is thinking of me.

What are some Twin Flame Fun Facts?

When he is sad, I feel a ball of intense energy around my heart area with feelings of intense sadness.

When a Twin Flame runs, do they stop loving you?

His essence keeps merging with mine and it has become a natural part of me; I feel like we are two people living in one body.

I used to get sick when I was attacked by his energy during our initial encounter and sometimes I could lose appetite. I lost so much weight then and as I learned to embrace our shared energy, I get the energetic attacks but I stay balanced within.

What are some Twin Flame Obstacles to expect on your Journey and how do you overcome them?

I dream of my Twin Flame all the time which was not the case before. I naturally hang out with him in my dreams which lessens the intense feelings of missing him. It feels like we are not separated at all.

This is how you can overcome the pain of missing your Twin Flame so that you can recover and heal from Separation shock

I used to initiate the mental conversations and sometimes I thought that I was being delusional but lately I can feel my Twin Flame’s energy and heart pulling without my initiation.

I feel happy, balanced, and grateful for being a Twin Flame.

Twin Flame Chaser Pain: How do you Surrender and free your Soul from pain?

If you are too busy to read a book sometimes, this Free Audible Subscription can be helpful so that you can listen to your Favorite Audio Books.

Stay Blessed

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