What is your current Twin Flame situation?

He sent a friend of his to spy on me. He is here to feed him with information about how I am doing.


I told my Twin Flame a few months ago that I haven’t dated anybody since I found him three years ago and I have been celibate since I met him. When he got my message, he sent a friend of his to spy on me. When we met, my Twin Flame told me that he is very good at doing “research” and getting information.

Even though he chose to block me out of his life, my Twin Flame is always sending me subtle signs that he thinks of me and cares for me. Since we are the same kind of person, I understand his subtle messages because we think alike.

It is very difficult to move on from a Twin Flame no matter what you try to do. You can block your Twin Flame out of your life physically but you cannot sever the bond because the connection originates from the Soul.

How do you manage the pain of being separated from a Twin Flame over a prolonged time?

Every time you deny the Twin Flame connection or resist how you feel, you feel helpless within because you feel as if you are resisting a part of yourself which is the Twin Flame bond.


Does the Runner Twin Flame miss the Chaser as well? Does the runner ever return?

When I went through the phase of Spiritual Awakening, I started isolating myself from crowded places and I disconnected from most of my old friends because I craved solitude so that I could understand what was happening to me.

Apart from feeling the emotional chaos, I was very troubled by the intense feelings that I felt and I was so confused about why I felt different for him. I had loved it before but it was a very different kind of love that I felt for my Twin Flame.

Harmonious Twin Flame Reunion? How do you prepare yourself for a These simple tips helped me.


After I met my Twin Flame, my life changed course. Every day after the encounter was filled with memories of him. I could see numbers that arranged themselves as his birthday digits, and sometimes I could see his name everywhere I looked.

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Stay Blessed!

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