How badly did you hurt your Twin Flame out of rage or frustration? This goes for both Runners and Chasers.

I realized that I had hurt him after I abruptly blocked him out of my life for no particular reason because I was overwhelmed by the intense chaotic feelings that consumed me 3 years ago.

Stages of the Twin Flame Love

I regret everything that I said to him just to keep the distance between us and I feel bad for coldly blocking him out of my life.

I now understand that it was not his fault that I felt fear and pain. He only triggered me into a Spiritual Awakening and it was not his responsibility to help me face my inner pain.

The Path To A Harmonious Union

The Twin Flame journey has taught me how to embrace unconditional love and I am grateful for all the love lessons that I have been through since we separated over these past three years.


I miss my Twin Flame every day and he knows that I found peace and healing because he triggered me.

I apologized to him for all the pain and stress that I caused him and I know that he forgave me but I still regret blocking him. It changed our relationship and how we communicate.


My Twin Flame became distant and aloof.

I am hoping that someday, we shall have a better relationship than we did in the beginning.

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Stay Blessed!

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