What are the behaviors of a Twin Flame Chaser during the physical separation phase?

There are many reasons why Twin Flames run or chase and from my chasing experience, most of my behaviors were triggered because of the following factors.

The Runner Twin Flame Experiences

  • Self-pity: When you are new to chasing your Twin Flame, the first negative feelings that come your way are self-pity and self-doubt. This is because you feel insecure within yourself to be loved by your Twin Flame and you fear that if they leave you, they will quickly forget you and move on from the connection. Self-pity is also the reason why you chase your Twin Flame obsessively because you are looking for an affirmation that they feel the same as you do.
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Twin Flame Chaser Pain: How do you recover from the stress and anxiety of missing a Twin Flame?

  • Needy: Twin Flame chasers always need their runner partner to be available for them. They want to be heard whenever they wish to and they want to always hear from their Twin Flame partner whenever it suits them whether the timing is right or not. This is why a chaser Twin Flame tends to always initiate contact or conversations. They also tend to want to text all the time because of the neediness to control their Twin Flame partner. Chasers are always disappointed when the runners rarely respond and sometimes take a very long time to text them back.
  • Irrational: Even though the Twin Flame runner tries to act rationally depending on the circumstances the chaser Twin Flame tends to do the opposite. For example, your Twin Flame can ask you for space to deal with their marriage but the chaser can take it personally. The Chaser would think that they are being ignored or their partner is avoiding the connection. Furthermore, your runner Twin Flame could be living on a different continent and the time-difference makes it impossible to communicate whenever the chaser wishes but the chaser would think that their Twin Flame is being distant.
I started a YouTube Channel

How do you manage the pain of being separated from a Twin Flame over a prolonged time?

  • Emotional Outbursts: The Twin Flame chaser always wears their heart on their sleeve. They tend to be explosive emotionally and they explode with their intense feelings which usually makes their Twin Flame partner uncomfortable. The chaser Twin Flame usually finds it a challenge bottling up their feelings and the love they feel that always want to tell their Twin Flame partner.

How do you move the Obstacles that are standing between you and your Twin Flame to have a harmonious reunion?

When you have are a Twin Flame chaser, you always want to express your love and feelings to your Twin Flame yet your Twin Flame runner tends to bottle up theirs.

What are some Twin Flame Fun Facts?

I started a YouTube Channel

Chasing a Twin Flame in itself is a blessing to both Twin Flames because it triggers the runner into facing themselves the further they run.

Peace and harmony are achieved when both Twin Flames agree to confront the situation.

Are you asking any of these questions about the Twin Flame Runner?

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Stay Blessed!

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