What lessons do you learn after finding Surrender as a Twin Flame chaser?

  • You are stronger than you know: 

Does the Runner Twin Flame miss the Chaser as well? Does the runner ever return?

The fear of embracing change that you feel to face yourself exists to challenge you to grow an emotional muscle to confront yourself. You will feel empowered once you embrace your inner strength.

  • You are your savior:

No one will come to your rescue but yourself. You can pity yourself and blame your Twin Flame for running but it will not take away your unhappiness. You have to accept change so that you can grow. You have to accept yourself and stop needing your Twin Flame to save you. You are your hero.

Twin Flame Love Lessons

  • Self-love is the greatest revolution:

For you to appreciate how much your Twin Flame loves you, you must understand how to love yourself during your absence. You must face all the parts of yourself that you thought were unlovable. You must embrace all the broken parts of you and most all, you must find your authentic self.

The Path To A Harmonious Union

You are looking for inner peace, harmony, and balance.

Once you find your center as a Twin Flame, you relax because you gain a new perspective towards your life. The Twin Flame journey has its ups and downs but all that matters is that you are balanced from within to handle every aspect of your journey when you feel peaceful and happy.

How do you manage the pain of being separated from a Twin Flame over a prolonged time?

  • Twin Flame separation is an illusion:

Surrender does not mean that you stop loving your Twin Flame. On the contrary, Surrender gives you a fresh perspective on your journey but you miss your Twin Flame every day and you think about them. When you surrender, you clear all the mental blocks that were inhibiting the effortless flow of the energetic share.

Once you clear your energy, you start to channel your Twin Flame’s energy intensely and consistently. You always feel the energetic merging and you think of your Twin Flame more than before.

  • Surrender happens when you are ready:

You cannot force yourself to surrender because it happens when you are ready naturally. If you are being triggered into chasing your Twin Flame even though you want to Surrender, understand that more soul lessons need to be done before you progress further on your journey.

TWIN FLAME AWAKENING: Here are some Authentic signs of meeting a Twin Flame.

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Stay Blessed!

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