Do you think that your ego gets in the way of your Twin Flame journey?

My Twin Flame said to me that I have no ego, but I do. It is because my ego dissolves when I am with him. I feel disarmed when he is present and he breaks down all my ego walls.

On the other hand, his work and profession are centered around having an ego and looking powerful. He said that his work is all about having power. 

When he is with me though, his ego dissolves as well. He shows me a side to himself that is vulnerable, defenseless, and childlike.

I always hang out with his inner child because my Twin Flame shows to me the cutest and silliest side to him. 

During physical separation though, my Twin Flame has found it very difficult to balance his ego with what he feels. He says that it is best for everyone if we do not talk but I text him when I feel compelled to and he sometimes responds and suddenly stops as we converse.

I am used to his sudden disappearance; One minute he is chatty, sweet, and cute but then the next minute he just doesn’t respond to me or he becomes cold and distant.

I chose to trust how I feel in my heart and my soul because I feel our connection every second of the day whether they are good feelings of euphoria and bliss or sad feelings of longing and desire.

I learned to harness my energy to stay strong within no matter how I feel at a certain moment. I found ways to manage to be happy in my physical life situation even though I miss him. 

I learned to balance my Twin Flame situation with creating a happy life for myself because I do not know when he will be back to me. 

Life has to go on whether your Twin Flame situation is going great or not. 

I found a life purpose; something that I can focus my newfound Twin Flame energy. 

You need to find something meaningful that impacts other people so that you can channel your Twin Flame love to help others. You do not need to save the world, but you can impact a life in your little corner of the world.

Twin Flame energy is a blessing and not everyone has the privilege to feel the bliss and inner harmony that the Twin Flame connection brings to you once you learn to embrace the shared energy of Oneness.

One you feel the energetic harmony with your Twin Flame, you learn to harness your shared energy to improve your life. You feel the effortlessness in everything that you do because you are two in one.

Your Twin Flame never leaves you energetically no matter how far they drift from you physically.

I have learned that the Twin Flame experience is very difficult and challenging at first but it gets easier and better the more you learn to embrace the new energy.

You must accept yourself to change because inner resistance only brings to you frustration and pain. Soon or later, you have to change because the Twin Flame experience only stands to change you and your life situation.

Change is very difficult to embrace but you eventually learn to go with the flow. It starts with accepting yourself and who you are from within.

This is the first challenge of the Twin Flame experience because you go deep within yourself to dig out all the past pain and core wounding. You must acknowledge every broken part of you and you are tasked to love parts of yourself that you thought were unlovable.

Unconditional love for your Twin Flame inspires you to grow the inner strength to accept and acknowledge yourself. This is why your Twin Flame your mirror because they love you unconditionally and you are inspired to do the same for yourself.

If you are not used to feeling love for yourself, you are challenged to submit to self-love.

Self-love is authentic and very difficult to embrace. 

You cannot love someone else if you do not know how to love yourself. You cannot appreciate love if you do not know what it is.

Silvia Moon

The Twin Flame separation phase is a blessing in disguise because it challenges you to face yourself. 

Remember that you are always craving to feel your Twin Flame love and you always want to be close to them. The compulsion to be in the vicinity of your Twin Flame is a natural desire. This is why you are constantly thinking of your Twin Flame every day after your first encounter.

During the physical separation phase, you are challenged to first embrace the unconditional love for yourself before you show it to your Twin Flame. You are challenged to feel love for yourself first before you try to express it to your Twin Flame.

This is a very emotionally challenging situation because you first experience the confusion and frustration that change brings to you.

You know deep down in your soul that for you to become the authentic version of yourself, you must first change the different aspects of yourself and your life. 

There is no shortcut to the Twin Flame journey because your Soul is constantly calling you to change so that you can embrace the newfound Twin Flame energy.

If you resist the change that needs to be done in your life, you feel restless and helpless daily because you can not hide from how you feel within.

Even though you try to go into a new relationship with someone else so that you can distract yourself, you are constantly craving to check in on your Twin Flame because it is a natural compulsion.

Even though you distance yourself from your Twin Flame in the physical, you cannot switch off thoughts of them because your Soul keeps reminding you of the Oneness that you feel.

You will eventually submit to the Twin Flame connection no matter how long it takes to acknowledge and accept how you feel.

Stay Blessed!

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