As a Twin Flame Chaser, should you leave your Twin Flame alone?

The compulsion to chase your Twin always exists because you are tethered to each other energetically.

Even though you resist feeling the connection and the unconditional love for your Twin Flame, you always have the urges to check in on them since you think of them all the time.

Even though you are physically separated from a Twin Flame, there is always a divine play going on. 

Most of your actions as a Twin Flame are geared towards triggering you into Spiritual growth.

You will realize that the more you keep up with the obsessive behaviors of chasing your Twin Flame, the more you are triggered into learning more soul lessons.

It takes a while to get strong within yourself to control the urges of always wanting to talk to your Twin Flame. 

Surrender will happen to you naturally when the time is right. You cannot force yourself to heal until the time is right.

The Twin Flame journey does not stop once the Awakening is triggered. 

Stay Blessed!

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