After meditation and healing, are you able to stop thinking about your twin flame?

I have been through the most distinct stages of my Twin Flame journey and whether I am feeling happy or sad, I always think of my Twin Flame.

There is no having a break from thinking about a Twin Flame and the thoughts intensify as you progress further on your journey.

I believe that you keep having constant thoughts of your Twin Flame because of the Soul intimacy that you share. You feel the energetic Oneness in your Soul and the more you try to block out thoughts of them, the more you crave to remember them.

I met my Twin Flame three years ago and I think of him every minute of the day. I keep remembering his eyes and how happy he makes me feel.

Also, the other reason why I think of my Twin Flame all the time is that I miss the good feelings his presence brings to me.

I miss feeling safe with him because my Twin Flame is my home. My soul feels an emptiness because I miss him. I crave to fill the emptiness in my soul by his presence.

Every day it feels like half of myself is missing because my Twin Flame is absent.

Stay Blessed!

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