Do we have to always have to chase or run from our TFs? My TF and I are apart. We reconnected after 10 years and began speaking almost every day. We know that we’ll be together.

This is a great question. From my experience, the running and chasing is only a phase when Twin Flames are learning to embrace their shared energy of oneness.

The Twin Flame experience triggers you into a Spiritual Awakening and if you are not used to the intense energetic share, you feel confused and frustrated that you block your Twin Flame temporarily.

But also, once your energy improves and grows, you feel the energetic harmony with your Twin Flame.

Once I learned to embrace the shared energy of oneness with my Twin Flame, I completely left him alone and we started to talk every once in a while.

I feel the maturity of my energy and I am more content with feeling the connection that obsessively chasing him to communicate with him.

I believe that one you start feeling the connection from the heart space, you relax and enjoy your bliss because it feels very authentic.

For me, the running and chasing phase taught me lessons that I needed to grow and advance further on the journey.

It was a trigger for the intense Spiritual Awakening phase and once I evolved into my authentic self, I felt happier than before and I started appreciating the blessings of the Twin Flame experience.

Stay Blessed!

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