Do you sometimes feel your Twin Flame’s pain?

There is no beginning or end to the Twin Flame connection. It just is what it is.

I always channel my Twin Flame’s emotional pain if he is feeling sad or emotionally chaotic. I feel his longing sometimes and it is very difficult to move on because you are constantly pulled into the connection whether you like it or not.

I stopped telling myself that I can easily move on from feeling his energy because I do not have any control over it.

The Twin Flame energy is all about accepting to embrace your shared energy with your Twin Flame because once you acknowledge each other, you are triggered into a spiritual awakening.

The spiritual awakening of Twin Flames triggers you to cleanse your energy. You then start to feel the energetic merge with your Twin Flame.

Once you experience the energetic merge with your Twin Flame, you cease to feel like your old self. You feel different because of the shared energy of Oneness with your Twin Flame keeps growing and refining itself.

You start to operate as one single energetic unit with your Twin Flame.

Meeting your Twin Flame changes every aspect of your journey starting with how you feel.

Because of the shared energy of oneness that you have with your Twin Flame, you feel their energy whether they are feeling happy or sad.

Stay Blessed

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