What are some simple facts to remember to help you with Surrender?

  • Every aspect of your Twin Flame journey is divinely guided

No matter how much you try to control your Twin Flame journey, you can not influence the manifestation and the course of your journey. You can choose to stress about your situation and the behaviors of your Twin Flame but it will not change how your process moves. 

No matter how much you try to forge a relationship with your Twin Flame, it will not work out if you are not ready.

I always tell myself to relax and trust that my Twin Flame will bounce back when he is ready. 

I trust divine timing because I did not know that I would ever meet a Twin Flame 3 years ago so I trust that he showed up in my life for a reason.

  • You are Blessed to know a great love

It is a blessing to find your one true love because they inspire you to redefine yourself and you find your authentic self. You are inspired to grow, evolve, and create a life of meaning.

Once I met my Twin Flame, I told my friends; “I can die now because I know how it feels to know unconditional love.” True love is indeed a gift.

  • Surrender is all about finding peace and inner healing

You enjoy the Twin Flame journey once you find peace and inner healing. Surrender is the process of finding inner harmony to allow yourself the freedom to enjoy your Twin Flame experience without stressing about your Twin Flame’s behavior.

The Twin Flame journey is a personal process of rediscovering the authentic version of yourself.

Once you find inner balance, you realize that your journey is not as difficult as you thought. You realize that happiness sprouts from within and your Twin Flame can not give it to you.

  • If it is meant to be it will be

When I found my Twin Flame, I realized that I did not know that I was looking for true love but he found me. 

You must believe that you met your Twin Flame for a reason and if you desire to have a harmonious relationship with them, you must openly show it and work towards achieving your heart’s desire.

Prepare yourself for a union and always send love to your Twin Flame all the time in your heart.

Stay Blessed!

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