Should you text your Twin Flame during physical separation?

Communication between you and your Twin Flame can get estranged along your Twin Flame journey but you learn to accept it as time progresses because there is not much that you can do to make your Twin Flame more responsive to you.

The more you learn the dynamics of the relationship with your Twin Flame, you also accept that what you feel from within is more important than physical communication.

Twin Flames have unique telepathic communication and energy is the language.

I believe that if you mean well, you are free to send a message to your Twin Flame.

  • Make your messages encouraging, heartwarming, and full of love. No matter what you do, your Twin Flame is always happy to hear from you especially if you are sending them love.
  • Be honest and always tell the truth of your heart because you are one with your Twin Flame. Your Twin Flame can channel your pain and desire so they know how you feel about them.

Twin Flame love is a mutual connection and no matter how much you tend to deny it, it is inescapable.

There is no doubt how your Twin Flame feels about you because you feel it within you.

Stay Blessed!

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