What do you do if your Twin Flame is married?

It is excruciating meeting your Twin Flame but when they are married. It is complicated if your Twin Flame is married with children.

You do not choose the Twin Flame encounter and you also do not choose your Twin Flame.

Twin Flames meet in the rarest of situations and you cannot control the triggers even though you are not physically together.

Once the encounter happens and you recognize each other, change takes over both your lives.

There is no greater love than a Twin Flame connection and once you find each other, you realize that all you desire is to merge in every way possible.

Even though your Twin Flame is married, they can go through the emotional and spiritual changes and they miss you as much as you miss them.

You feel the oneness with your Twin Flame and you are always compelled to change your life so that you can be together.

Change between Twin Flames is inevitable and you know it within you that as long as you both walk the earth, you will never be happy with anyone else if you are not together.

Stay Blessed!

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