How do you manage expectations on your Twin Flame journey?

When you are beginning the Twin Flame journey, you have a lot of expectations because you are viewing your experiences from the “normal” romantic relationship style.

You also want to categorize your connection so that you can understand your new feelings because Twin Flame love is magical compared to the everyday love.

But, you get disappointed every time you try to control the nature of your Twin Flame relationship because you realize that everything happening to you is divinely guided.

If you have expectations, you start to chase your Twin Flame during the physical separation phase because you want to control the outcomes of your reunion. 

The best way to manage the stress of having expectations is by trusting divine timing.

There is no phase of your Twin Flame process that is controlled by you. 

Your initial encounter was unplanned and unconditional love caught you by surprise. 

You have no idea as to why you are going through the physical separation phase and you also don’t know when it will expire.

When you think of your future, you also know that you have no control over what will happen when you reunite.

Trusting the connection that you feel with your Twin Flame and divine timing are the best ways to manage your expectations.

The Twin Flame journey is a personal journey and it is all about you because it is happening within you. 

Focus on loving yourself and finding your authentic self. Let divine timing take over your journey. 

Stay Blessed!

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