How do you surrender and let go of your Twin Flame?

You can surrender but you cannot let go of your Twin Flame because nothing can sever the bond that you share. You are eternally bound together in the Soul.

Surrender does not mean that you keep waiting for your Twin Flame but rather, it is the process of learning to free yourself within so that you can find inner harmony and healing.

You naturally feel exhausted from stressing about your Twin Flame and all you want is to feel free of the emotional pain.

You know that you will always feel connected to your Twin Flame energetically but finding healing and happiness affects you as a person but the energetic cleansing and growth affect both of you because of the shared connection.

Accept that Twin Flame separation is an illusion and no matter how far you are separated from your Twin Flame, you feel tethered to each other energetically.

Once you Surrender, you realize that the depth of your connection is infinite and you feel the love in your heart grows stronger and purer every day.

Surrendering frees your soul so that you freely feel the love from your Twin Flame without any fear.

Surrender also helps you to find self-love because you know that you deserve to feel as authentic as your Twin Flame inspires you to feel.

The more you allow healing into your life, the more you feel empowered to rediscover your authentic self.

Stay Blessed!

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