What is the perspective of a Twin Flame Runner?

In essence, Twin Flames are the same and both of them are capable of either running from the connection or chasing the other.

For me when I ran from my Twin Flame, it was because I was overwhelmed by my feelings and I told him so.

I regret how I delivered my message that I was going to block him out of my life but I was feeling immense love for him deep in my soul.

I could not understand why I could not stop thinking of him and I kept remembering his eyes.

I also was confused by the chaotic emotions that I felt because meeting him triggered a Spiritual Awakening and my Soul was calling me to find my authentic self.

I was not ready for the catalytic change that my Twin Flame encounter brought into my life and I was afraid of facing myself because the Spiritual Awakening triggered my inner pain and core wounding.

I thought that once we physically separated since we come from different continents, I thought that physically blocking him out of my life would help relieve the pain that I was experiencing.

The more I put up an inner resistance, the more I missed him so much and life only became worse.

The change took over my life and it did not stop even though I resisted feeling the connection.

I went through moments of the night of the soul and I had to face my pain and feel it so that I could heal.


Apart from feeling inner change, I was also experiencing changes in my physical life situation.

I had to change my friends, family relations, and social circles. I became a newer and authentic version of myself.

Change is very difficult to embrace at first but as time progresses, the Twin Flame journey becomes interesting and you learn to enjoy every aspect of it.

Once I found healing and enlightenment, I sent a long letter to my Twin Flame to explain to him why I behaved coldly towards him when I was running. I apologized for hurting him by trying to block him out of my life.

Our communication has been estranged since I last blocked him and I do my best to always make amends with him.

I always use unconditional love when I am talking to my Twin Flame and I send love to him in my heart all the time.


Once I acknowledged my Twin Flame situation and accepted every aspect of it, I let the universe take over and I trust that eventually, divine timing will bring us back together.

Stay Blessed!

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