What is the simple advice to all Twin Flame newbies?

There are no sides in the Twin Flame Connection because you are one in the soul with your Twin Flame partner. Once you acknowledge your Twin Flame, acknowledge that you are them and they are you; this fact takes away judgments and criticism of your Twin Flame.

Nothing can sever the bond with your Twin Flame:

You cannot sever your connection to your Twin Flame no matter how estranged and stressful it gets to communicate with them. You are bonded forever and you will always feel connected in the soul. Embrace who you are and let the connection grow within you.

Love yourself:

No matter how many times you chase your Twin Flame, true love begins from within you. Your Twin Flame will not give you the love that you seek if you don’t know how to give it to yourself. You must know how it feels to know love for you to be able to appreciate it from your Twin Flame.

Your Twin Flame Runner loves you as much as you love them:

Your Twin Flame does not stop loving you when they run from you. Nothing can stop them from feeling unconditional love for you even though they try to date other people and hide behind new relationships.

Fear is your greatest enemy:

Don’t be afraid to embrace change and evolve into your authentic self. Be ready to change every aspect of your life: your friends will change, and you will change everything about you that is not authentic. You are a Twin Flame and therefore you must live a life of authenticity.

Twin Flame Separation is an Illusion:

You feel tethered to your Twin Flame forever and you will always feel their essence merging with yours even though you are separated by continents. You always feel your Twin Flame’s energy with you whether you feel sad or happy — you are always feeling the Oneness because you are one single energetic unit.

Are you a Twin Flame in a relationship?

You have two options: Change your life in alignment with your Twin Flame situation so that you can freely be with your Twin Flame or if you want to stay with your Karmic partner, confront your Twin Flame and find a solution on how to live life without each other physically amicably.

Stay Blessed!

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