Is it good to pursue your Twin Flame if they are married?

Soon or later, you will feel guilty for destabilizing your Twin Flame’s life by disrupting their marriage.

What do you do if you meet your Twin Flame but they are unhappily married to someone else?

If you believe that you have met your Twin Flame, you have to be patient with the situation if they are still married. You will always miss merging your life with your Twin Flame but sometimes the circumstances cannot allow you to be together.

How do you manage the pain of missing a Twin Flame?

Give your Twin Flame space they need to work out their karmic situation but it is not much you can control.

These signs made me realize that I had met my Twin Flame even though I was very naive about the Twin Flame experiences.

If you are meant to be together in this lifetime, you will be with your Twin Flame no matter how long it takes to get back together.

How does the Universe make the Twin Flame Runner realise that the connection is genuine?

Stay Blessed!

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