What are the signs that a Twin Flame Union is near?

Twin Flames are already in Union and the different soul lessons learned along the Twin Flame journey are reminders to the Twin Flames that are always One.

The Twin Flame Union, therefore, is a journey of Oneness; it is the process of learning to embrace and balance the shared energy between Twin Flames.

That being said, Twin Flames always yearn to physically reunite with each other after they physically separated, and here are the imminent signs of a physical reunion.

Your Twin Flame will give you hints and signs of their return into your life. They subtly make themselves available to you through keeping their closeness through mutual friends, family members, and other indirect means.

Sometimes your Twin Flame can make a sudden bold move to rerun if they were running from you by directly texting you, emailing or calling, and other means of direct communication.

You feel ready within to face your Twin Flame again if you were previously running from the connection. You feel empowered to confront all the obstacles along your journey because you learned to face your fears.

Stay Blessed!

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