What are the signs that you have found Surrender on your Twin Flame journey?

  • Inner Freedom to be yourself without worrying if your Twin Flame loves you or not.

When you find ways to free yourself from fear, past pain, and personal insecurities, you realize that you have the inner power to pursue your dreams without needing your Twin Flame in your life. 

  • You love your Twin Flame more deeply than before because you feel the connection within you.

Surrender allows you to embrace the Twin Flame connection with your heart space instead of analyzing the connection with your mind. You stop having the stressing obsessive thoughts and you learn to embrace your shared Twin Flame energy.

  • You begin to focus on rediscovering your Authentic Self and you embrace self-love.

For you to know who you are as a person, you go through a process of self-love and you embrace your inner child to heal all your past pain and core wounding.

Once you give up on stressing about controlling your Twin Flame relationship, you withdraw your energy from chasing your Twin Flame and you invest it in growing yourself.

Stay Blessed!

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