What is Twin Flame Separation Pain and how do you overcome it?

Three years ago when we initially separated, I did not know how I would live life without the presence of my Twin Flame.

I was constantly lovesick from missing him and I felt like half of myself was chopped off and taken away. 

Most days felt like I was living in limbo especially when I missed him so much because of the intense longing and when the pain was unbearable, I could break down in tears and cry like a baby.

When you are new to the Twin Flame experiences, everything seems difficult to go through and sometimes you doubt that you would heal the pain but you eventually learn to deal with the stress of being physically separated from a Twin Flame. 

Open your heart unconditionally to experience every aspect of your Twin Flame process:

I have learned that there is no around the Twin Flame journey and every lesson is learned from experiences.

Be prepared for the Twin Flame Spiritual Awakening Process:

Whether you choose to work towards having a harmonious relationship with your Twin Flame or not, you will go through different phases of awakening to yourself. You go through the different phases of Spiritual growth and you learn different soul lessons so you can evolve into your authentic self and to also find enlightenment.

Believe in unconditional love:

Even though your Twin Flame ignores you, be grateful that they taught you how to believe in love. The Twin Flame journey teaches you how to embrace unconditional love not only for ourselves and the Twin Flame but also for the human collective. 

Choose inner balance, harmony, and bliss

You can only enjoy your Twin Flame experiences if you choose positivity, and grounding yourself in inner peace. The Twin Flame journey is stressful as it is and you must commit to embracing inner harmony.

Trust in divine timing:

Everything that has happened to you so far has been divinely guided and orchestrated and you have no control over the future of your Twin Flame journey. Believe in your journey and accept that you are divinely chosen to meet your Twin Flame in this lifetime. 

There is no greater love than the Twin Flame love:

As long as you and your Twin Flame still walk the face of the earth, you can never be happy with anyone else. 

Twin Flame love transforms you and empowers you to live a meaningful life. You are inspired by the love that you feel to achieve to achieve your wildest dreams.

Stay Blessed.

Silvia Moon

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