How does a Twin Flame show their love? How do you feel loved by your Twin Flame?

It is very heartbreaking when you both acknowledge your connection but something suddenly happens between you and your Twin Flame which causes a temporary separation.

Sometimes the situation is beyond your control which is more frustrating like if you meet but you are both committed to other relationships.

There are many reasons why a Twin Flame rejects you and usually, it is not your doing.

Twin Flame love is very intimidating to the bravest of souls and it drives you to question everything that you knew as life before. You are pushed to look within yourself so that you can identify any past pain lodged within you to have a clean space to embrace unconditional love.

When you feel rejected by your Twin Flame, you must trust the connection that you feel. No matter how far your Twin Flame tends to run from you, you feel each other’s essences merging into one.

As you progress on your journey, you realize that neither of you has the power to escape how you feel within.

The challenging love lessons that you go through once you are physically separated from your Twin Flame teach you that love is indestructible and you can never sever the Twin Flame Bond. The connection eats at you every day whether your Twin Flame is ignoring you or not.

Once my Twin Flame blocked me, I did not feel rejected.

I was pushed to dig deeper within myself to find out why I pushed my Twin Flame away, and I did not blame myself for his running because I knew that our connection is authentic.

My Twin Flame never denied our connection no matter how estranged our communication became. He acknowledged how awkward the situation was and how uncomfortable he felt when I told him about my feelings.

There is no particular way to accept rejection from a Twin Flame or anyone but any obstacle that comes between you and your Twin Flame exists to teach you a lesson so that you can grow, change and transform into your authentic self.

Stay Blessed!

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