Why do Twin Flames Run?

There are various reasons why Twin Flames try to resist the love that they feel for each other and the fear that they feel sprouts from within themselves.

Are you asking any of these questions about the Twin Flame Runner?

If a Twin Flame denies how they feel for each other, it is not because it is the fault of their divine partner. It is because they have inner issues that they have to deal with.

How do you move the Obstacles that are standing between you and your Twin Flame to have a harmonious reunion?

Twin Flame love blows your heart open by the explosive intense feelings of unconditional love. The vulnerability that Twin Flames feel is due to the openness that they feel with their partner.

The Twin Flame encounter exposes all your inner insecurities and fears. It exposes every part of your soul.

Twin Flame Chaser Pain: How do you recover from the stress and anxiety of missing a Twin Flame?

After the bubble love phase – Twin Flames are pushed to look within themselves to face the darkest corners of their soul. You have to face every part of you that you thought was unlovable.

Because you feel unconditional love for your Twin Flame, you are empowered within to grow personal power to confront your inner demons and heal your core wounding. Usually, core wounding starts from your inner child.

The Twin Flame Journey Guide: Are you on the right path?

I ran away from my Twin Flame at first because I was afraid of embracing unconditional love. My inner child had never experienced unconditional love and I was feeling insecure. I also was overwhelmed by the unconditional love that my Twin Flame shows me that I had to hide from him temporarily.

How do you manage the pain of being separated from a Twin Flame over a prolonged time?

Once I found inner healing, I confronted the situation and asked my Twin Flame for forgiveness because I hurt him when I abruptly blocked him out of my life.

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Stay Blessed!

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