What do you do if your Twin Flame is all you think about all day yet you are physically separated?

This is normal to every true Twin Flame, and you are going to learn to grow strong in yourself to live with it.

We have been in Separation for two years but I think of him every second of the day that it became my normal way of life. Even if I am not consciously thinking of him, my energy and feelings are always with him.

How To Surrender To Self-Love: TWIN

True Love starts from within yourself

I have healed myself from within, and I am so happy with my new life but I still feel him like he is sitting right next to me.

Accept the fact that you are one Soul because even if you embark on healing and growing yourself, you will always feel like your Twin Flame is half of you both literally and energetically.

Truth is that you are your Twin Flame, you both share the same Soul and nothing or anyone can change this truth.

TWIN FLAME AWAKENING 11:11: A Simple Guide For Newbies

That being said, you must find harmony and peace within yourself as a Twin Flame, this is essential because you are still going to experience the Twin Flame Process. Twin Flames Share the same Soul

The best thing about going harmony and peace, you find your authentic self during the process; this authentic you align perfectly with your Twin Flame partner in energy.

Twin Flame Union is coming to you, Believe it!

Your alignment with your Twin Flame is your Union.

Before you get here, you must do your Soul learning work.

Surrender to your Twin Flame Love


I hope this helps.

Stay Blessed!

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