Why do Twin Flames run and what are the symptoms of a runner??

It is the overwhelming feeling of being freaked out when you realize that you feel unconditional love instantly without the notice. 

Meeting a Twin Flame changes how you understand love and their love inspires you to be aware of yourself and your life situation. You suddenly wake up to yourself and you suddenly start working towards a more meaningful life.

The intensity of the connection also is very overwhelming that it can push either of the Twin Flames to run and hide from the other. 


The running actions of the runner Twin Flame are aimed at blocking how they feel temporary so that they can analyze the situation with their mind.

There is always a conflict between the mind and the heart of a runner Twin Flame because the encounter catches you by surprise. 

If you are not used to feeling love feels, unconditional love tests all your limits and Twin Flame Love disarms you.

You let your Twin Flame into your soul willingly because you let your guard down and your Twin Flame breaks the shells around you to free you from any past pain or insecurities.

If you are a Twin Flame who is used to suppressing how you feel, you are compelled to block and run away from your Twin Flame to understand your connection and feelings.

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