Do you feel that your Twin Flame lives inside of you?

Since our initial encounter, it unlocked a side to me that I never thought existed. I feel like my Twin Flame occupies part of me and I cannot distinguish between his essence and mine. 

You and your Twin Flame share the energy of Oneness where you are merged energetically as One. 


This is why you are constantly thinking of your Twin Flame because you feel their energy in you and you cannot block the energetic merge no matter what you try to do to sever the connection.

Even you are sleeping, you feel your Twin Flame within you and get to feel the authenticity of the connection once you fully heal yourself and learn to embrace your shared energy.

Sometimes when my Twin Flame is sad, I instantly feel unhappy for no reason. Sometimes I feel agitated by everything I do because I can feel my Twin Flame’s energy feeling restless. 

Sometimes it is very difficult to sleep if my Twin Flame’s energy is active or awake within me even though I feel tired.

Stay Blessed!

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