During the no contact phase between Twin Flames, what does the runner feel when they think of their Twin Flame?

The same way you feel when you think of your Twin Flame is the same way they feel when they think of you.

You feel an emptiness that nothing can fill no matter what you do.

Twin-Flame-Chaser-Surrender-Learning to let go to heal-

Twin Flame love is like a drug, you are constantly craving the high and you are always longing for the closeness of your divine partner.

The runner Twin Flame is always haunted by the love feelings towards their Twin Flame. The overwhelming feelings of love are so intimidating and challenging to embrace.

You cannot conceal how you feel for your Twin Flame and you are always thinking of them.

Even though the runner chooses to date other people, you are always comparing your feelings to the intense Twin Flame love.

Once you meet your Twin Flame, the rest of your life is affected by the encounter and you never forget how your Twin Flame makes you feel. 

Your dreams are haunted by your Twin Flame and the energetic merge keeps growing within you. 

Your life changes course and you start to live a life of authenticity.


Stay Blessed!

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