How long should a Twin Flame Separation last?

This is the million-dollar question that every Twin Flame has whenever a physical separation happens.

Twin-Flame-Runner-Returning-Does the runner ever return?

You feel anxious once your Twin Flame disappears because you know that life is unpredictable and so is the Twin Flame Experience.

You sometimes worry if the love that your Twin Flame feels for you will dissolve once they don’t see you or if they don’t look in your eyes the way you do when you are together. 

Twin Flame love is all in the eyes. 


There is no particular time set to a Twin Flame Separation phase because you are never separated in essence with your Twin Flame. 

The intensity of your connection grows and you feel the energetic merge evolving into Oneness.

You will always miss your Twin Flame even though you have been separated for a few hours but you always feel your Oneness within you.

Life will never be perfect and sometimes it seems unfair to Twin Flames when you meet during the most challenging circumstances and you are not able to have a relationship.

But, once you acknowledge your True Love, whether they are with you or not, you are inspired by the unconditional love you feel to transform and evolve into your most authentic self.

Living a life of authenticity brings meaning to your life; you attract a life of purpose and you learn to grow from within.

You then realize that your Twin Flame lives within you and no matter how far you drift from each other, you are each other’s home.

You cannot control the physical aspects of your Twin Flame journey but you can control yourself to embrace change and growth. 

Stay Blessed!

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