Signs that your Twin Flame loves you unconditionally.

  • You feel it within you. If you have met your Twin Flame in reality, you know it without a doubt that you are loved unconditionally. The fact that you know how much your Twin Flame lives you, you don’t give up on your love no matter how challenging the obstacles are that stand in the way of your relationship. You always feel a warm feeling around your heart and sometimes you feel a physical heart pulling when your Twin Flame is longing for you.
  • Soul Intimacy: You have a unique telepathic communication with your Twin Flame as if they live inside you. Even though your Twin Flame is blocking you out of their lives physically, you always have a soul intimacy. The soul connection to your Twin Flame is an affirmation that they love you. This is also the reason why you are constantly thinking of your Twin Flame because you are constantly making love with each other in the soul.
  • They show you how special you are to them: A Twin Flame will go above and beyond to show you how authentic and special you are through their actions and how they respond towards you. A Twin Flame puts you first and they show you all the respect that you deserve because they know how it feels to be you. 

You always feel safe and you want to be the best version of yourself when you find Twin Flame love.


A Twin Flame trusts you and always does their best to protect you.


Stay in Love!

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