What are the signs of Telepathic communication with a Twin Flame during the physical separation?

  • Double heartbeats: When you energetically communicating with a Twin Flame, you feel both your hearts beat as one. You hear beat changes and you feel an increase in the intensity. This is when I know without a doubt that he is thinking of me.
  • Heart Chakra heats up: When I open my heart to receive love from my Twin Flame, it feels euphoric and feels like I am high on love. My heart area heats up with warm feelings of love that he sends my way and I usually send back feelings of love.
  • Mental conversations: I always feel like I am talking to my Twin Flame in my head. The conversations sound real and usually are about circumstances going on in our lives. 
  • Tingling sensations: sometimes I feel physical sensations as if my Twin Flame is running his fingers all over my body. Sometimes I feel sensual touches as if I am being embraced by my Twin Flame.
  • Soul Whispers: Sometimes I hear whispers of “I love you” or “I miss you” as if he is right behind me. I could hear the Soul whispers when we were physically together and it is how I know that he loves me unconditionally even though we are physically separated.
  • Soul Intimacy: You feel the Oneness with your Twin Flame and this is why you are not able to successfully move on. You feel as if you are constantly making love to each other in the soul.
  • Dreams: You are constantly communicating with your Twin Flame and this is why you feel their presence in your dreams when you sleep. You can send each other messages as you sleep and your bond grows stronger the more you dream of each other.
  • Twin Flame thoughts: You are constantly thinking of your Twin Flame and they think of you too! It nonstop whether you acknowledge thoughts of your Twin Flame or not because it is a vicious cycle between the divine pair.

Stay Blessed!

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