What do you do if your Twin Flame is married?

 This is the most challenging obstacle that Twin Flames have to overcome if you meet but one of you is committed to a Karmic partner.

There is also no guarantee that you will end up together if you choose to leave your Karmic partner so that you can be with your Twin Flame.

Sometimes if you are separated by geographical distance, you wonder if your Twin Flame will forget about you and move on with someone new.

Dissolving your Karmic ties so that you can free yourself to be with your Twin Flame becomes more complicated if you have children involved.

When I went through the challenges of freeing myself, I trusted the authenticity of the bond with my Twin Flame and I trusted myself to embrace all the change that I was going through.

You will always be judged by those who have never been through the invigorating experiences of the Twin Flame encounter but you have to overcome the fear.

Change is not always easy and only the bravest souls accept to leap of faith to change for the best.

You too can do it!

Stay Blessed!

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