When the Twin Flame Runner finally awakens, how will the Chaser know that there is a shift?

You feel the Oneness with your Twin Flame growing within you as if you are one person with your Twin Flame.

Before you feel the energetic harmony with each other, you first feel the emotional chaos the shift brings in the connection.

You feel as if half of yourself has been woken up.

Twin-Flame-Chaser-Surrender-Learning to let go to heal

If you have been feeling alone, you start to feel as if your Twin Flame lives inside you. 

If you were missing your Twin Flame terribly, you start to feel the connection brewing within you and it gives you comfort because you stop feeling lonely. 

The behavior of the runner changes and they act more mature than before; they tend to reconcile with you so that you can be friends again. 

No matter what you do, you will always feel connected to your Twin Flame and the runner realizes the authenticity of your connection with time.

Twin Flame keeps growing within you no matter what you do to block your Twin Flame out of your life. 

Stay Blessed!

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