How do you get over a false Twin Flame?

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Naturally, I tend to be brutal with the Truth so let me give it to you depending on how I have absorbed this. Please remember this is just my opinion, it is not the truth to your situation at all but it could be a fresh perspective to ease your journey.

I feel like you are still in the transition period between your real Twin Flame and the Fake one. Which is amazing because your real Twin Flame helps with healing. You easily accept your pain and work on your emotional pain.

I was married for 5 years before my Twin Flame found me, I was unhappy but somehow I had submitted. My Twin Flame woke me up to my own Truth and Lies.

Away from my story, I can relate to that transition. Underneath all the excitement of meeting your real Twin Flame however, there is still pain and frustration from your previous karmic relationship which will be shed during your Twin Flame process. You will have to undo all the ties you created during your previous relationships to cleanse your soul so that you can accept your new found Twin Flame Energy.

On top of this, you are still shocked from meeting your real Twin Flame, this can cause you to hold on too tightly to the new found connection. The connection is too good that you want to control and forge a relationship with your real Twin Flame. This can create tensions in the connection which causes the other Twin Flame to run away or deny the connection under false pretense.

My perspective is that you are holding on too tightly because I can relate with your emotional response to your real Twin Flame behavior.

You are still shocked by this beautiful amazing authentic love that you have found.

Let your Twin Flame be, relax – True Love has found you! Breathe!!! LOVE YOURSELF. Appreciate your fake Twin Flame experience because you still have so many Soul Lessons to go through to untie your unpaid karmic debts.

Your Fake Twin Flame is going to keep popping up in your life to remind you of more Soul lessons. If you ignore them, you will be keeping yourself in more pain.

The best way to deal with the Twin Flame Journey is to through it, there is no way around it.

You will have to be “awake” at every step of your journey both through the good, the bad and the ugly.

I hope this helps.

Stay Blessed! ❤

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