What can I notice once union is close in the twin flame journey

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Do you remember the “bubble phase” when you first met your Twin Flame? The Love that was bursting out of you, the peace you felt, the bliss and General happiness? This is who you become but better after healing yourself.


You start to take care of yourself as you did when you were physically together with your Twin Flame, you love your life as if your Twin Flame is beside you.

What you feel is so much more powerful than the “bubble love” phase because you know that the pain you experienced during your Soul lessons took you to hell and back and it made you so strong within yourself that you feel ready for your Twin Flame.

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You realize that all the Soul lessons in Separation were necessary because now you are Braver to share unconditional love with your Twin Flame.

In fact, you don’t want to be the person who you were when you first met your Twin Flame; you feel upgraded in emotions, thoughts, and energy. You feel like a new being reborn into your like situation.

You desire a new kind of Union with your Twin Flame, something better that matches with your new found energy.

Twin-Flame-Chaser-Surrender-Learning to let go to heal
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The most empowering thing here is your FREE WILL, you feel like you are strong enough within you to either choose to desire Union with your Twin Flame or keep living your life experiencing your new Bliss. You are already happy with yourself.

In this phase, you are already filled up with your Twin Flame shared energy, you do not miss your Twin Flame or obsess over them. You have learned your lessons already.

The Choice is now yours to either Manifest Union or to move on with your Solo Bliss.

This is a tough choice because you are already happy being yourself without your Twin Flame and it is a beautiful feeling like this.

You also realize that if your Twin Flame does not desire Union with you, you are still happy being yourself.

Free will is at play here.

What you discover at the end of this whole Twin Flame Experience is that happiness is happiness and you do not need a direct source for it. It just grows within yourself.

Physical Union with your Twin Flame is not the goal, finding yourself empowers you with so much more than just a desire to be with someone.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is you-will-be-surprised-that-the-twin-flame-runner-sometimes-draws-away-from-their-twin-flame-connection-because-they-are-aware-of-the-bond-and-the-love-that-they-feel-but-the-timing-could-26.png


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