How would you describe Twin Flame Separation to someone new to the Twin Flame experience?

The physical separation phase for Twin Flames is a trial period for your faith in love and the connection to your Twin Flame. How do you manage the pain of missing a Twin Flame?

You are tested by the challenges that you experience as you navigate your Twin Flame journey and you grow the more you find better ways to find solutions to your obstacles that stand between you and your Twin Flame.

Are you asking any of these questions about a Runner Twin Flame?

There were days when I was completely doubtful of how I felt for my Twin Flame especially on days when I wanted to sever the connection so that I could move on from the connection and forget that I ever met him. TWIN FLAME AWAKENING

But apart from feeling the intense longing for your Twin Flame, you also experience moments of extreme bliss and euphoria when you learn to embrace the feelings of unconditional love that you feel.

The Path To A Harmonious Union: What are some Twin Flame Obstacles to expect on your Journey and how do you overcome them?

To completely embrace your Twin Flame journey, you must keep your heart open to feel all the new intense overwhelming emotions and feelings that your initial encounter brings upon you.

Are you new to the Twin Flame experiences? Here is a simple Guide for You.

When you meet your Twin Flame, the energetic merge that you both feel changes your emotions, thoughts, and feelings.

You constantly feel like your Twin Flame is downloading their energy into yours and they feel like you are also downloading your conscience into theirs.

The Twin Flame Journey Guide: Are you on the right path?

When you progress further along the Twin Flame journey, you learn that the energetic merge intensifies and you feel the Soul oneness with your Twin Flame because Soul Union is when you completely merge as one single energetic unit harmoniously.

Does the Runner Twin Flame miss the Chaser as well? Does the runner ever return?

The challenging Soul lessons that you experience as a Twin Flame stand to strengthen your inner power so that you can still enjoy your life even though you long to be united with your Twin Flame in the physical.

Audible: If you are too busy to read a book sometimes, this Free Audible Subscription can be helpful so that you can listen to your Favorite Audio Books.

Stay Blessed!

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