Is it possible to stop feeling the love connection with your Twin Flame?

I have been waiting for the day when it all stops; feeling the connection, hearing the mental conversations, the energetic merging, and feeling the longing from my Twin Flame.

It has been almost three years of physical separation and as time progressed, I have managed to find peace, happiness, and inner balance within even though I miss him every second of the day.

Whether I am having a great day or a bad day, I feel connected to my Twin Flame. Whether I am awake or asleep, I still feel the energetic merging with him.

Once you meet your Twin Flame, your life becomes about the Twin Flame experience, and your emotions and feelings evolve because of the shared energy with your Twin Flame.

The essence of the Twin Flame experience is for you to finally merge into Oneness so that you are One Single Energetic Unit with your Twin Flame.

You can choose to ignore the bond that you share with your Twin Flame but you cannot ignore how you feel because the connection originates from the soul.

There is no end to the Twin Flame connection.

Thank you for the Book Reviews!

Stay Blessed!

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