What are some Twin Flame Love Lessons?

  • My Twin Flame is my Home: On days when I feel lost, I remember how secure I feel when I am in the presence of my Twin Flame. I feel loved and appreciated when I remember how safe I feel when I put my head on his chest. I feel peaceful when I think of the warmth of our connection. Sometimes when I feel misunderstood as a Twin Flame, I know that he feels me as much as I feel him. When I feel unappreciated, I remember how much he appreciates me for being myself.
  • My Twin Flame is the one true love for me: I know that I have loved before I met my Twin Flame but meeting him made me realize why I loved others the way I did. My Twin Flame encounter made me appreciate the difficult love lessons that I went through; all the heartbreaks and the rejections. I now know that all my previous love experiences were preparing me for the Twin Flame love. I know that I will never love anyone else the way I love my Twin Flame.
  • The Twin Flame encounter brings meaning to life; It is a second chance to appreciate life all over again because you wake up to yourself and your life situation. The Spiritual Awakening brings enlightenment into your life and you gain a fresh perspective at your self. Once you are triggered into an Awakening by your Twin Flame encounter, you feel like you were dormant and floating through life instead of living it. 
  •  Love starts with you: No matter how much you love your Twin Flame, you must first know how to unconditionally love yourself. Twin Flame love is within you and so is your Twin Flame. You are one in the Soul and you will always feel like you are your Twin Flame. The Twin Flame journey teaches you how to appreciate yourself the way your Twin Flame appreciates you and you must be as happy as they make you feel even though you are physically separated.

Stay Blessed!

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