How do you feel when a Reunion with a Twin Flame is near?

It all started about four months ago when I told my Twin Flame that I have been celibate for the past three years since I found him. I have not been able to love another because my Twin Flame’s love took over my soul and I am consumed by unconditional love for him daily.

Even though we have been separated physically for nearly 3 years, I have not been able to move on from how I feel and the unconditional love that I feel continuously grows within me ever since I found my Twin Flame.

I can no longer tell the difference between his essence and mine because I feel the oneness of our shared energy that originates from the source of our soul.

Every day after I met my Twin Flame has been a learning experience to understand unconditional love and how to embrace it.

Our Twin Flame journey has had ups and downs; sometimes I almost gave up on the hope that I would ever see him again but nothing can alter the course of the journey because every aspect of it is divinely guided.

The physical separation phase of my Twin Flame journey has been very challenging because we have had an estranged relationship since I tried to block him out of my life and the more I tried to fix our relationship so that we could be friends again, the further I drove him away.

There were times when I tried to reach out to him but in vain. I sometimes thought that our connection would fade because we were not communicating but as time progressed during the physical separation phase, I could feel connected to my Twin Flame all the time whether I was awake or asleep.

The physical separation phase for between us has been a trial period for my faith in love and the connection to my Twin Flame. 

Stay Blessed!

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