What happens when your Twin Flame Runner returns?

I never imagined that my Twin Flame would eventually come to his senses and acknowledge the connection so soon. 

But, when he made physical contact a few days ago, I recognized the change; he is more mature, confident, and more grounded in himself unlike the first time we met.

After understanding his latest life situation, my Twin Flame has been going through a tremendous change like me. He sounds like he found his authentic self the way I found myself.

I was very stressed out when we initially separated because I was fearful that he would forget about the unique connection that we have but I have learned that an authentic Twin Flame connection does not fade but rather the love connection becomes more purified.

I was very surprised that my runner Twin Flame made contact that fast. He sounded like he misses me so much. 

A Twin Flame never forgets you no matter how far they drift from you. Your Twin Flame is always haunted by thoughts of you and they remember every moment that you shared.

You are also your Twin Flame’s daily inspiration because they feel your connection the way you feel it.


It is also not your fault that your Twin Flame attempts to run from you and the best way to go about managing the pain of physical separation is by focusing on yourself while you trust that your Twin Flame will come back to you.

True Love never disappoints.

Stay Blessed!

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