What is Twin Flame separation pain?

I was very frustrated by the way he seemed calm when we talked, and he said that he missed me but for me, it was more than missing him. I was feeling an intense uncontrollable love pulling towards him and I could not focus on anything meaningful in my life because I was constantly lovesick and longing for his embrace. 

I was infuriated with the Twin Flame connection because I could not control how I felt within once I was triggered into a sudden Spiritual Awakening. 

On top of feeling the intense emotional chaos, I was also going through challenging physical life situations: Dissolving my marriage was more complicated than I had anticipated, I had to change my job and divorcing my husband meant that I had to change my friends and social circles.

The timing of my Twin Flame encounter felt right in the soul but the situation seemed wrong physically because I was still married.

I first thought that if I physically blocked him out of my life, everything would go back to normal and I would automatically stop feeling the separation anxiety.  

Life before the Twin Flame encounter seemed simpler than the change that my Twin Flame had triggered once he walked into my life. Suddenly, I had to reorganise my life to live a life of meaning and authenticity.

I was relieved for a moment when we physically separated. I was excited about having my life back to normal as before. I was looking forward to having some space and room to re-think about the chaos that my Twin Flame encounter brought into my life.

He wanted us to keep talking to each other whenever we could. The best means of communication for us to keep in touch would be through social media, emailing, texting, and calling because we lived on different continents. 

My Twin Flame was looking forward to talking to me at any time and he deeply expressed how much he missed me every time we communicated. 

He could write about how unique it was spending time with me was and he was looking forward to seeing me soon when he was ready to come back to me and I was looking forward to hugging him too when we reunite.

The first week of our physical separation was a dark moment for me because I was filled with feelings of sadness and longing for him. 

I could not see how my life was going to be peaceful if my Twin Flame was not in my life. I went into a moment of grieving my soul because I felt a void that only him who fill.

Life did not go back to normal as I had expected and everything became worse before it got better. The change that took over my life was beyond my control.

My life situation worsened and I ended up changing my work, I was going through a divorce, I almost died from a road accident and life was generally miserable without my Twin Flame.

I could not speak to anyone about my Twin Flame situation because none of my friends could understand what had come over me.

Stay Blessed!

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