What is Twin Flame Runner Pain and how does it occur?

Twin Flames are mirror images of each other and they both feel the void when physically separated from each other.

When a Twin Flame runs, do they stop loving you?

Twin Flame Runner Pain occurs in many forms and it hurts when longing for your divine partner as much as the Chaser Twin Flame.

The Dark Night of the Soul brings all the core wounding and inner pain that was lodged in the Runner to come to the surface to be cleaned out of them. It takes a series of energetic cleansing and purging so that the runner can finally find healing.

Twin Flame Chaser Pain: How do you Surrender and free your Soul from pain?

It is usually the pain that the runner feels that pushes them to run and hide from their Twin Flame partner.

The runner also feels pain when they miss their divine Twin Flame partner.

This is how you can overcome the pain of missing your Twin Flame so that you can recover and heal from Separation shock.

The further you try to hide from how you feel, the more you are reminded of how much you miss your Twin Flame partner.

The Soul is always longing to be reunited with the other half and if you put up a resistance to feel unconditional love, the more the universe shows you signs of your Twin Flame partner.

What are the Authentic signs of meeting a Twin Flame?

Twin Flame love is unconditional and it takes a series of love lessons to accept to embrace it fully.

More about the Runner Twin Flame here for more inspiration!

Are you asking any of these questions about the Runner Twin Flame?

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Stay Blessed!

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