Can you stop feeling the Twin Flame connection if you choose to?

You cannot sever the Twin Flame bond no matter how far you run from each other. If you keep denying the Twin Flame connection, you start feeling helpless and unhappy because you feel like you are denying a part of yourself.

Some days, I wake up and all I want is to block how I feel for my Twin Flame. These are days when I feel stressed out by the chaotic emotions and intense longing for him.

Then there are days when I feel blissful with intense feelings of euphoria.


When I feel balanced within, I feel inner harmony and peace. This is when I feel connected to my Twin Flame heart to heart, and soul to soul.

I have learned that meeting a Twin Flame is not a coincidence. Moreso, every aspect of the Twin Flame experiences is divinely guided. You get to understand this truth when you learn to open your heart to the most difficult soul lessons.

There is no aspect of the Twin Flame journey that is in your control.

Once you meet your Twin Flame, you stop feeling alone. You feel your energy merging into each other and you feel an energetic Oneness that originates in the Soul.

There is no separation between Twin Flames because your energy only grows stronger and more purely.

Once you are physically separated, you are constantly thinking of each other and remember how peaceful you make each other feel.

I have a collection of self-help books to inspire you whether you are new to the Twin Flame experience or someone looking to feel inspired during your Twin Flame journey: SIGNS-MEETING-TWIN-FLAME-Spiritual-

Stay Blessed!

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