What are Twin Flame Karmic Obstacles?

I went through so many challenging times to overcome my Twin Flame obstacles hoping that I could reunite with my Twin Flame someday.
Even when I submitted to change, I ended up being single without knowing when my Twin Flame would return.

You have to accept that divine timing is at play at every phase of your Twin Flame journey and you have no control over how your journey will flow.

Even though your Twin Flame is unhappily married, you cannot interfere in their karmic business because it is their journey.
Every Twin Flame has their soul lessons to learn and you must not try to control any aspect of your Twin Flame journey.

It is excruciating meeting a Twin Flame while they are married but soon or later, they bounce back to you after dissolving their karmic ties.

Sometimes it takes longer for some Twin Flames to dissolve their karmic situation if they are not willing to confront their situation.

Sometimes your Twin Flame can be stuck in an unhappy marriage because there are complicated situations if children are involved or a joint business with their karmic partner.

It is a blessing if your Twin Flame is willing to work through their karmic obstacles so that they can be free to be with you.

Karmic obstacles are very difficult to move especially if your Twin Flame is afraid of embracing change.

Your Twin Flame could be stuck in an unhappy marriage because it is easier for financial security and stability.

They could be afraid of the uncertainty of changing their lives to be with you since there is no guarantee that you will end up together.

Also culturally, some Twin Flames could be afraid of being scorned upon in society if they divorced their husband or wife, and they instead choose to stay in their unhappy marriage.

If you try to divorce to be with your Twin Flame, it means that you would change your friends and social circles, family ties, and relationships. Your Twin Flame could be afraid of ending up alone or they could be afraid of separating their family and friends.

How badly did you hurt your Twin Flame out of rage or frustration? This goes for both Runners and Chasers.

I realized that I had hurt him after I abruptly blocked him out of my life for no particular reason because I was overwhelmed by the intense chaotic feelings that consumed me 3 years ago.

I regret everything that I said to him just to keep the distance between us and I feel bad for coldly blocking him out of my life.

I now understand that it was not his fault that I felt fear and pain. He only triggered me into a Spiritual Awakening and it was not his responsibility to help me face my inner pain.

The Twin Flame journey has taught me how to embrace unconditional love and I am grateful for all the love lessons that I have been through since we separated over these past three years.

I miss my Twin Flame every day and he knows that I found peace and healing because he triggered me.

I apologized to him for all the pain and stress that I caused him and I know that he forgave me but I still regret blocking him. It changed our relationship and how we communicate.

My Twin Flame became distant and aloof.

I am hoping that someday, we shall have a better relationship than we did in the beginning.

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Stay Blessed!

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