Does the runner Twin Flame stop loving their divine partner?

Love is such a beautiful feeling and no matter how overwhelming it is to accept the Twin Flame love, the blissful feelings of unconditional love don’t fade once you are physically separate.

When you run from a Twin Twin Flame, do you stop loving them?

When you feel the unconditional love for your Twin Flame, you always crave to feel the euphoric feelings that your Twin Flame brings to you. 

You always feel safe and accepted unconditionally when you are in presence of your Twin Flame.

When you attempt to run from your Twin Flame, it is because of a deep-seated fear that brings up all the insecurities that you feel because you have core wounding and past pain accumulated within.

What is the Twin Flame Chaser Pain and how do you overcome it?

The runner is also inspired by the unconditional love they feel to grow and embrace changes because of the triggers from their divine partner. 

When you taste the feeling of unconditional love from a Twin Flame, you can never replace the feelings of love and you feel blissful euphoric feelings even though you are physically separated.

How do you overcome the Obstacles on your Twin Flame journey so that you can reunite?

Loving a Twin Flame is a very special kind of feeling.

Love is Love.

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