How does the Twin Flame Runner feel when they ignore their Twin Flame partner?

From my experiences, it is not a choice to ignore a Twin Flame but usually, it is because the situation is not right or because there is an obstacle in the way of the relationship so the Twin Flame Runner decides to back off.

Does the Twin Flame Runner miss you as much as you miss them?

It is also out of fear and insecurity that the runner keeps running from their partner until they heal the core wounding within.

The runner Twin Flame is always haunted by the unconditional love connection and they experience the agony of being physically separated from their fellow Twin Flame partner.

Twin Flame Chaser Pain; How do you overcome the pain of missing a Twin Flame?

The runner Twin Flame also goes through an intense spiritual awakening and they experience the energetic cleansing phases of the night of the soul. 

The runner Twin Flame learns all the complicated love lessons; they are challenged to grow and evolve into their authentic selves as time progresses.

What are the Obstacles to expect on your Twin Flame Journey and how do you move them?

In essence, the runner feels the same way as the Chaser and you always feel the oneness within no matter how far you drift from each other.

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Stay Blessed!

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