What is the Twin Flame Runner perspective during the prolonged physical separation phase?

It is very easy to assume that the runner Twin Flame finds happiness after they run from their Twin Flame but that is not the case. Here is the Runner Perspective.

The further you run from a Twin Flame, the more pain, and agony you experience because running from a Twin Flame feels like you are denying an aspect of yourself.

The inner resistance that the runner Twin Flame puts up to block feelings of unconditional love towards their divine partner consumes so much energy that it frustrates the runner all the time.

When you run from a Twin Flame, you know that you are ignoring how you feel.

What if you are the Chaser Twin Flame, do you channel your Twin Flame’s Pain as well?

Suppressing the feelings of love makes it impossible to forget a Twin Flame because you are constantly haunted by thoughts of them even though you wish to forget them.

The runner Twin Flame eventually accepts to embrace how they feel by opening their heart to feel unconditional love.

How do you move the Obstacles so that you can reunite with a Twin Flame?

It is a journey accepting unconditional love and once the fear of feeling love dissolves the runner starts to heal.

What are the different aspects of the Twin Flame Journey?

It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to find a Twin Flame and once you know how amazing they make you feel, you want to feel the unconditional love forever.

Soon or later, your runner Twin Flame will bounce back to you.

A Twin Flame reunion is inevitable once you overcome the obstacles standing in the way of having a harmonious relationship with your Twin Flame. You finally get to enjoy the Twin Flame bliss.

What are the authentic signs of meeting a Twin Flame?

Check out some self-help tools to assist you with having a fresh perspective on your Twin Flame journey. Silvia-Moon Self-help Book Library for Twin Flames

Stay Blessed!

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