When do you know that you are ready for a reunion with your Twin Flame?

You feel the bliss of your Twin Flame Connection because of the energy of oneness and you are constantly feeling the euphoric feelings of unconditional love brewing within.

When you eventually rediscover your authentic self during your Twin Flame journey, you relax within yourself and you let the universe control every aspect of your Twin Flame experiences as believe and trust that you will see your Twin Flame again.

When a Twin flame reunion is near, you feel inner harmony and balance within.


Don’t feel like you are stuck in separation and waiting for your Twin Flame to come back but rather, focus on refining yourself so that you have no inner fears that would trigger another separation cycle with your Twin Flame.

For you to enjoy the fruits of your Twin Flame reunion, you must first unite yourself within by healing any core wounding or emotional pain lodged within you.

If you have any past pain accumulated within you, seeing your Twin Flame again will trigger you into running because you will still feel overwhelmed fo embrace the intense feelings of unconditional love that your Twin Flame brings to you.

You have to understand that feeling a love connection is the most beautiful feeling but also the most intimidating experience because your Twin Flame disarms you.

Your Twin Flame is both your weakness and greatest strength and they reflect both your fears and deepest desires.

When you heal yourself within and find peace, you stop stressing about how your journey is going and you start appreciating the self-transformation and spiritual enlightenment that your experience brings into your life.

When acknowledging the fruits of the Twin Flame journey, you invest more energy into creating a meaningful life and you embark on a journey of finding a life mission that brings healing to the human collective.

As you progress further on your journey, you start to feel happy from within and as you open yourself up to embracing unconditional love in your life, the more you appreciate being a Twin Flame.

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Stay Blessed.

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