What is Twin Flame Pain and how do you overcome it?

It is a matter to perspective to accept that you and your Twin Flame can never be separated because your connection begins in the soul and nothing can sever the bond no matter what you try to do to disconnect from your divine partner.

At the beginning of the physical separation phase, you worry that your Twin Flame would disappear forever and forget about you but as time progresses, you learn that a Twin Flame separation is an illusion because you constantly feel the connection brewing within you.

After you learn to accept that you will always be connected to your Twin Flame no matter where you go, you also accept that your life will change forever after meeting your Twin Flame because change becomes the only constant in your daily life experiences.

You also learn that any inner resistance that you put up to feeling the Twin Flame connection brings you more inner pain and suffering.

If you want to live a life of happiness, you must open your heart unconditionally to embrace the changes that occur in your life so that you can grow and evolve into your authentic self.

Being a Twin Flame is not an entirely easy life because everything that happens to you is intense, surprising, invigorating, and alchemically transformational.

It is very overwhelming to think of accepting the new changes that take over your daily life as a Twin Flame but you must trust that your Twin Flame journey is divinely guided and you can not control any aspect of it.

This simple book is here to inspire you to sit back to enjoy the invigorating experience of being a Twin Flame and also to encourage you to have faith that you will eventually reunite with your Twin Flame if it is your heart’s desire.

As you learn to trust that you will eventually achieve your heart’s desires, you will also learn to focus on keeping yourself happy even though you miss being with your Twin Flame daily.

The void that you feel without the physical presence of your Twin Flame is natural and it exists to remind you that you are missing half of yourself but there is an easy way to manage the intense longing to be in the vicinity of your Twin Flame.

When you understand that you and your Twin Flame share Soul Oneness, you also learn that the more you accumulate inner peace, the more it improves the quality of your shared energy because you are one single energetic unit and you vibrate at the same energetic frequency with your Twin Flame.

I wish you Blessings and Love on your Journey!

Thank you so much for the Book reviews and I hope you feel more inspired!

Stay Blessed!

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