What is the One sign that your Twin Flame is thinking of you?

Yesterday was one of the toughest days of my Twin Flame journey because I felt an intense heart pulling towards my Twin Flame and it was coupled with euphoric feelings and intense longing from him.

At some point, I felt a pain the was lingering around my heart as if I was going through a phase of grief; there was no situation in my life that was triggering the pain and I feel happy generally even though I think of him and miss him every day.

When I slept, I could still feel the feelings of love and his essence hovering over me – I knew for sure that he was incessantly thinking of me all day yesterday!

When your Twin Flame is thinking of you, you feel a magnetic pull towards them and you are compelled to think of them even though you were busy thinking of something else.

You also feel warm euphoric feelings wash over you and you feel an intimate sexual pull; you instantly think of being close with your Twin Flame.

Sometimes your heart area warms up became of the intense love pulling at your heart and you feel an energetic merge within you as if your souls are making love with each other.

Sometimes you also receive a negative energetic vibe if your Twin Flame if feeling sad and having negative thoughts.

If your Twin Flame is sad, you instantly feel turbulence in your emotions and sometimes your heart clenches with pain and instant longing.

I am here to give you hope and inspiration on your Twin Flame journey and I hope that you find a new perspective when you read any of my self-help guide books for Twin Flames.

I wish you Blessings and love on your journey!

Stay Blessed!

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